Elina Miettinen

Professional Ballet Dancer

Elina was born in a small town, Belomorsk, in the north of Russia. At the age of 5 she moved with her family to Helsinki, Finland, where a few years later she started her ballet training at the Helsinki Dance Institute. In 2005 Elina moved to Amsterdam to attend National Ballet Academy for her last school year. The same year she received a Pro Dance Scholarship, which is being given yearly to a promising young dancer in Finland. Elina started her professional career as a dancer at the age of 19 as she joined the Finnish National Ballet. While working with National Ballet she was preparing herself for international competitions, Sweden, France and New York. In Sweden, at the Scandinavian Ballet Competition Elina was awarded and chosen to represent Finland in France. The competition was held later that year in Grasse, where she won a Bronze medal.
In the summer of 2007 Elina traveled to New York to compete in the prestigious NY International Ballet Competition, which turned out to be a life changing experience. Elina was invited to join American Ballet Theatre and received the Igor Youskevich Award by NYIBC and the director Kevin McKenzie. Elina joined the American Ballet Theatre in 2008 as the first ballerina from Finland. With Ballet Theater she has traveled around the world, including countries like China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, Oman, Taiwan, England, Spain and multiple cities in the United States. Her repertory with ABT includes The White Cat, Canary Fairy and Gold Fairy in the Sleeping Beauty, a Little Swan and a Polish Princess in Swan Lake, as well as feature roles in Twyla Tharp's Bach Partita, Tudor's Black Tuesday, Paul Taylor's Company B and Raymonda Diverstissements to name a few. Outside of ABT Elina has also performed roles such as The Bluebird Pas de Deux (Sleeping Beauty), Esmeralda, Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), Dewdrop (The Nutcracker) and Swanhilda (Coppelia).
Elina is actively pursuing modeling and acting in New York City.

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